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Dec 30, 2014

The Creative Process

Posted: December 30, 2014

The creative process is collaborative. My goal is to create your project where your likes and sensibilities are taken into account coupled with my experience. Here’s a basic overview of how we can work together.

Step ONE


In this first phase I will get an understanding of what your needs are and provide a quote of the time required to complete your project. Quotes are provided as a range of hours I estimate your project to take. A deposit will be required to begin your project.


Step TWO


Here I create preliminary designs and fine tune the direction we are going with your project.




In this phase the ideas will be presented to you. Here we will fine tune everything including color, photos, fonts etc. Once you sign off on the final comps we move to the “mechanical” or completion phase.




Final printable files are created for your printer or final website files are uploaded to your FTP. This phase involves giving everything a final check to make sure all the files are in the right format and color space, all alignments are correct, and everything is to spec. etc. This is giving the whole project a basic once over before finishing. For websites this involves testing the site to make sure everything is working properly and backing up the site and database.


*At every stage of the process you are kept up to date on how much time has accrued.