March 2023


Have you ever been told “no”?

Have you ever been told “you can’t?”

Have you ever been told, “that’s not possible?”

Linn Hendershot heard it … repeatedly.

And he proved them wrong every time.

Extra Innings: The Linn Hendershot Story, awarded
Best Documentary at The Maryland International Film Festival.

This documentary is about Linn Hendershot, a Polio survivor, who defied the odds again and again to effect change and make a difference.


Director, Producer, Editor, and Music Supervisor
Teri Hitt

The Making of Grace Gravity’s
Dream Analog


Teri Hitt {Grace Gravity} takes you along for the ride
to experience the making of her
True Analog Recording,
Dream Analog.

A homemade documentary shot as we created an analog record
start to finish.

Listen to the MUSIC (digitized) on BandCamp.

Includes Footage from:
Recording – Thunderbird Studios
Mixing – Laughing Tiger Studios
Mastering – with Bernie Grundman at BG Mastering
Manufacturing – RTI (Record Technology, Inc.)
Printing the Old Style Jackets and Sleeves – Stoughton Printing


Director, Producer, Editor, and Music Supervisor
Teri Hitt


Experience in editing Documentary Films, Music Videos, Interviews, Publicity Videos, and Social Media Videos.


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